All about Linen Fabric

Linen is a one of the most sustainable fabrics!

Linen – is a natural fibre made from the flax plant. It doesn’t require any pesticides and every part of the plant is used. Linen is organic, biodegradable, recyclable and scores high on the ecological chart

Flax grows naturally and requires no additional water other than rainwater, making it the most eco-friendly fabric. Because it’s a natural fibre, flax linen is recyclable and biodegrade. The whole flax plant can be used, leaving no waste.

This natural textile is made from fibres from the stem of the flax plant. Cool and comfortable to wear, and easy to care for, it is also very strong and absorbent – the ideal fabric to wear in hot weather.

We love Linen! It’s not only wonderful to wear, but is also the oldest known fibre, as well as one of the most sustainable!

Linen comes from the flax plant. The plants go through a process called “retting” to help separate the fibres. The retting breaks down the outside and the “glue” holding the fibres together, which then allows the fibres to be separated, spun, and woven or knit.

Linen is absorbent, breathable, and stronger than cotton. The fibres are porous, and it’s great at keeping you cool in the summer but it can also be insulating in colder temperatures.

Why is Linen Fabric so sustainable?

  • Flax plants only need rainwater to grow
  • There is zero waste with flax; other parts of the plant, like the seeds, can be used to produce linseed oil or flax seeds for consumption.
  • Flax plants typically require little or no pesticides
  • The durability of linen means it lasts longer than other materials.


100% Fine Linen Chambray from Belgium:

Fine Linen Shirting Fabric - Chambray Pink Lilac

Fine Linen Shirting Fabric – Chambray Pink Lilac


Fine Linen Shirting Fabric - Chambray Light Blue

Fine Linen Shirting Fabric – Chambray Light Blue

Linen dress fabrics are usually Wovens and vary from a very fine relatively smooth weave to a heavily textured courser fabric.

Linen is an eco friendly textile. A natural product it derived from the Flax plant, and requires no additional water to grow other than rainwater. Also less energy is required to process flax than many other textiles. And because it’s a natural fibre, flax it is recyclable and biodegradable.

Linen blended with other fibres:

Linen & Cotton Dress Fabrics

Linen Cotton dress fabric mixes are common and retain many of the characteristics of a pure linen but are more affordable.

Dress making uses for Linen

Linen can be used for so many dress making purposes as it is so versatile and quite easy to sew – here are some pattern inspirations :


Cool to wear – Linen is great for loose fitting summer dresses and tunics – like this Raglan Dress from The Avid Seamstress


Make a classic summer skirt in Linen. Try the Wattle Skirt from Megan Nielsen

Trousers and Dungarees

Cool, comfortable and hard wearing! Burnside Bibs from Sew House Seven

Coats and Jackets

Linen jackets and light weight coats – not just for summer but to take you right through the year!

Like this The Strand from Merchant and Mills


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