What is Oeko-Tex 100?

Oeko-Tex®-Standard 100 essentially signifies that a material has passed tests for harmful substances in every phase of its processing and thus presents minimal health risks. The limits the standard places on such substances go beyond the already strict requirements provided for by law. Azoic and other allergenic dyes are prohibited, for example, and restrictions also apply to further substances:

    • Formaldehyde is completely prohibited or restricted according to the applicable international laws.
    • The pesticide content of materials must not be higher than that of fruits and vegetables.
    • Carcinogenic (or suspected to be carcinogenic) and allergenic dyes are prohibited, meaning that materials must be pH-balanced and contain no questionable pigments.
    • Clothing for infants must be resistant to perspiration and spittle and present no concerns should it find its way into children’s mouths.

Various textile manufacturers can apply for Oeko-Tex certification, including weavers, knitters, and thread producers. However, only those that undergo strict testing and monitoring procedures and provide for verifiable quality assurance are allowed to sell products bearing the Oeko-Tex®-Standard 100 label.


What fabrics commonly carry the The Oeko-tex Standard 100 product label?


Bamboo is a fabric that often carries The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product label – and we’ve ensured that our present Dragonfly Fabrics range does!

Our fabric content is 66% Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton and 6% Elastane. Our Bamboo Jersey is eco-friendly and responsibly sourced, and is dyed with eco friendly dyes. The colour fastness and performance of these dyes are superior.


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Cotton Jersey

Many Cotton fabrics – including Cotton Jersey – carry The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product label.

Amongst Dragonfly Fabric’s range is Cotton Jersey Stripes – these wonderful jerseys holds their shape perfectly and are ideal for leggings, t-shirts, dresses.



Check out our Cotton Jersey range for many more Oeko-Tex Standard 100 fabrics,

including pretty floral designs like this Floral Teal and Rose which as a medium weight single cotton jerseys is perfect for dresses & tops.

Floral Ochre and Teal – made up here in the Agnes Top from Tilly and the Buttons, also available as a sewing kit:


Cotton Jersey Ochre & Teal Leaves


Viscose Twill OEKOTEX

Viscose Jersey

Our Plain Viscose Jersey range also carries the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Viscose Jersey is a comfortable soft natural fabric and ideal for sewing dresses, shirts, blouses, skirts and tunics. It is colourfast, breathable and retains its shape.

Viscose is a part of the rayon family, all manufactured with cellulose – plant or tree pulps.

Viscose is considered eco-friendly, as the primarily source is naturally regenerative. As Viscose is a mixture of man made & natural product, it is known as semi-synthetic.

Read more about it in our VISCOSE JERSEY BLOG and learn what a great fabric it is and pattern inspiration for garments you can make from it!

Oekotex Viscose Jerseys

We also have a lovely range of Organic Cotton here