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Boiled wool fabric is a purely natural product. This wool is a beautiful quality and great for warmer Autumn/Winter clothing and for all-year round layering. It is a medium weight wool, has a boucle texture and a soft drape.
Camporella is lighter weight than our regular boiled wool
Our boiled wool is easy to cut and sew, making it a great choice for warm autumn and winter dressmaking. The cut edges of this fabric do not fray and therefore hemming and lining your boiled wool garment is optional.
This durable natural fabric is perfect for jackets, coats, dresses, tunics, skirts, accessories and soft furnishings


Boiled Wool is a purely natural fabric. It has a natural lanolin protection which makes woollen products so easy to care for.
To freshen up a woollen garment, leave it overnight in the fresh air or in the shower room. The air humidity will help make smells vanish and smooth out wrinkles - thanks to the high elasticity and "self-cleaning" effect of pure wool. If If you decide to wash your boiled wool garments, use a small amount of mild detergent for either hand wash or cool machine wash cycle. After washing press out gently, lay flat to dry on a towel, then iron on a medium heat with steam from the wrong side of the fabric. To dry them, spread the boiled wool items out flat on a terry towel and dry flat.