All about Cable Knit Ponte Roma

What is Ponte Roma jersey fabric?

Ponte Roma Jersey (also known as Ponte Di Roma) is a double knit jersey dress fabric. It is made of a combination of polyester, viscose/rayon and elastane. It is a stable knit, and it is less stretchy than many other jersey material. The fabric originates from Italy and ‘Ponti di Roma’ means ‘Roman bridge’. Look closely at the fabric and you can see how the loop structure of the knit resembles bridge arches. This is an ideal fabric for those starting to sew stretch fabrics. You will find it is easy to sew, doesn’t fray much and has a firm strong knit which holds its shape well when you cut it.

What is a Cable Knit Jacquard?

The Cable Knit pattern is a traditional design – often seen in hand knits – and consists of a cable pattern in a meandering rope formation. The term Jacquard refers to a raised pattern – often found in woven clothes as well as knits – and dates back to the early 1800’s and its inventor Joseph Jacquard.

What can I make with Ponte Roma jersey fabric?

Ponte Roma Jersey makes wonderful casual jackets, dresses, tunics, tops, skirts and trousers and flatters the figure much better than some of the more clingy jersey stretch dress fabrics! Additionally, it resists creases well so is great for everyday clothing. Cable Knits are quite stretchy but have body so are great for creating stylish cardigans, sweaters, warm dresses, scarves and jumpers.

Here’s a lightweight jumper in a Cable Knit :


Sewing Pattern Suggestions for Cable Knit Fabrics

The Jarrah Jumper from Megan Nielsen combines Cable Knit with plain Ponte Roma to great effect!


Or The South Bank Sweater from Nina Lee:

Easy to make – try it as a jumper or sweater dress! Cosy, stylish and snug!


Also The Toaster Sweater from Sew House Seven:

Our range of Cable Knit Fabrics :

We have a collection of Cable Knits in stock all year round – as they make great garments whatever the season.

Check out our current range – including 12 colourways:

Also including black, navy and forest green

150 cm wide

81% Polyester 16% Viscose 3% Elastane

30 Degree Wash