New French Terry Knit Fabrics

We have a gorgeous new range of French Terry Knits in six soft summery shades. The fabric is 95% Cotton with 5% Spandex Knit to give it some stretch and it’s 150cm wide.

In case you have never come across French Terry, it’s soft and lighter than sweatshirt jersey, so a great fabric for spring and summer and good for layering in the colder months. Instead of having a looped knit on the reserves (like most Terry knits) it has piles of yarn that are brushed to create a softer surface which is very comfortable against the skin.  This superb new French Terry Knit has a good amount of stretch in the fabric that provides flexibility for comfortable clothing.



French Terry is very easy to care for, you can machine- wash the fabric on a 30 degree cycle. Make sure you wash your fabric before you start to sew and although you can tumble dry French Terry, it is always good to let stretch fabrics dry naturally. This will help prolong the life of your garments because any spandex and elastane don’t like heat.



French Terry Tunic Dress by Marc Jacobs

Sewing tips and advice for French Terry Knits:

  • Always pre-wash your French Terry fabric
  • Try not to use the tumble drier as this can damage elastane after time
  • Press your jersey fabric on a medium heat
  • We recommend a ball point/ jersey needle: 70/10 to 90/12
  • Stay-tape can be useful for stabilising seams around armholes, shoulders and necklines
  • A Serger sews French Terry really well, but it’s not essential, an ordinary sewing machine will work just fine, a twin needle will make a professional looking finish for top stitching.
  • You can use an all purpose sewing foot but if you are sewing multiple layers you could switch to a walking foot which might be easier.
  • Test your stitching on a small cut-off piece first, a stitch length of around 3 to 3.5 is recommended for the French Terry.
  • Do not pull the fabric through the machine when sewing, but stretch it slightly


This French Terry Stretch Fabric is perfect for layering pieces as it’s heavier than a t-shirt, but lighter than a sweatshirt making it very versatile. We have put together a few sewing pattern suggestions below for a little inspiration.

French Terry is perfect for lounge wear, hoodies, jackets, jumpers, cosy dresses, tunics and cardigans.

Sewing Pattern Suggestions:

french terry knit

The Staple Dress- April Rhodes Pattern


french terry

Tilly and the Buttons- Coco Dress

french terry knit

Morris Blazer- Grainline Studio

french terry knit

The Popover Poncho – April Rhodes Pattern


Named- Alexandria Peg Trousers & Track Shorts


Named- Sloane Sweatshirt


Tilly and the Buttons- Dominique Skirt

Other suitable sewing patterns are the Tofino lounge Pants & shorts, Closet Case’s Carolyn Pajamas, the names Inari Tee Dress & Cropped Tee, Victory’s Lola Dress or Grainline Studio’s Linden Sweatshirt.

Happy Sewing! x


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