This week the theme was “Sleepwear and Lingerie”.  For the Pattern Challenge contestants were asked to make a boned basque.  The pattern comprised lots of small pieces that contestants had to be very careful not to get the wrong way round or upside down.   The judges warned they had to cut precisely and sew precisely.  The garment included six channels into which boning had to be inserted and  was fastened with hooks and eyes. The contestants had to be sure to choose fabric that was firm enough to hold its shape.

There is a useful article on using hook and eye tape on THIS LINK.

And you can learn about sewing boning into a seam HERE.

Most of the contestants found this task very challenging indeed.  In fact, Peter actually managed to miss out two of the panels of his basque! Clare and Nicole, however, produced excellent basques, coincidentally using the same fabric.  The judges were really torn which to chose as the winner, but finally chose Clare’s due to the perfection of the fit.

Then it was time for the Transformation Challenge – this week contestants were given an old fashioned nightdress and pyjamas, which they were asked to transform into an item of women’s wear.  They were not allowed to use any additonal fabric, but were allowed to use what they liked from the haberdashery.  Nicole won this challenge, with a lovely pair of dungarees complete with top to be worn with them.

Finally, we came to the Made to Measure Challenge.    This week the task was to create a two piece sleep set which incorporated a lace element.  The contestants produced a diverse range of garments, from Victorian style in wincyette, to 1940s peekaboo through to silky leopard print and black comfy goth!

There are some useful tips for sewing with lace on THIS LINK. 

The contestants produced a diverse range of garments, including a Victorian style sleep outfit in winceyette, a 1940s peekaboo set , a silky leopard print two-piece and even a black comfy goth set!

Therese’s winning dainty floral sleep set

Therese (who is a Dragonfly Fabrics customer) won ‘Garment of the Week’ with her dainty floral outfit which the judges felt was ‘exquisite’.   Sadly after performing so well last week, poor Ali had a disastrous time and was the contestant who was selected to go home.

If you are inspired to try sewing your own luxurious nightwear, then we have more pyjama patterns coming in week commencing 25th May and you will find them on THIS LINK.

For fabric we would suggest our eco-friendly Tencel range, which is silky and soft to the touch.

Tencel Dobby

We also have some beautiful Cotton Lawns:

Some of our beautiful Cotton Lawns – ideal for nightwear

And also the beautiful organic ‘Emi Floral’:

Emi Floral

So all in all a very exciting episode – and the pace will be hotting up next week now we are down to only seven contestants.  Apparently the theme will be ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’!