New Raglan Dress From The Avid Seamstress

New Raglan Dress…We are a huge fan of The Avid Seamstress and her gorgeous, easy to follow sewing patterns. Ever since launching the Raglan children’s dress Lisa has been asked to create an adult version…Here it is in all its glory, and we were lucky enough to provide the fabric for the official photograph!

Here you will see our Bio Linen in Anthracite:


Biolinen in antracite



Lisa has created an amazing tutorial that takes you through every step, with precise and clear instructions here:

See Lisa’s handy tutorial with step by step photos and instructions explained…screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-14-13-30

The Raglan is a simple, modern dress, the  A-line silhouette has an invisible zip at the back neck. You can include optional inner or outer pockets, and choose short or long sleeves. The pattern is as versatile as you are. An elegant and playful fit, the Raglan beautifully sways with every step.

new raglan


Use one of our Rio Crepe fabric range for a flowing Raglan dress for an evening out or a smart dress for work.

There are lots of lovely garments to choose from, including the new Blouse pattern, the popular City Trousers and The Coat:




Find the Avid Seamstress Sewing Patterns on our website



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