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We have a large range of Ponte Roma fabrics, including prints, block colours and textured jacquards. 

Ponte Roma is a stable, medium weight jersey fabric. It is made in a double knit construction, has an elastic quality with a slight horizontal line. This stable jersey knit fabric is easy to sew and makes a good starting place for those who haven't yet sewn with knits before. 

Ponte Roma is easy to wear and durable, perfect for everyday wear. It is a flattering fabric as it doesn't cling to the body, it is also firm so holds its shape and resists creasing. Ponte Roma knit is cosy and soft and drapes beautifully. Perfect for dresses, skirts, tunics, yoga style trousers, soft jackets and tops.

Watch our short video in which Katie drapes the Vintage Waffle Ponte Roma and gives a brief introduction