Cotton Chambray are plain weave fabrics that feature a coloured yarn in the warp of the fabric and a white yarn in the weft.

A plain woven fabric that can be made from cotton, silk, or manufactured fibres, but is most commonly cotton. It incorporates a coloured warp (often blue) and white filling yarns. Typically has a plain weave or dobby designs on a plain-weave ground and is made with a dyed warp and a white or unbleached filling. Both carded and combed yarns used. Has a white selvedge. Some chambray is woven with alternating white and coloured warp. Naturally has a ‘faded’ look and very soft colouring. Some is made with stripes, checks or embroidered. Smooth, strong, closely woven, soft and has a slight lustre. In addition, it wears well, is easy to sew, and launders well.

All these are perfect for dressmaking, especially for sewing dresses, blouses, tops, shirts, tunics and children’s clothes, made from 100% cotton.