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You may want to add dress lining fabric to an item for many different reasons:

• Creates a layer of opacity under sheer or semi-transparent fabrics

• Adds comfort to a garment, particularly if the main fabric is not smooth textured

• Helps the clothing glide over your body or other clothes

• Adds a touch of contrast to items such as jackets

• Improves the way a garment hangs

• Helps to lessen creases

• Prevents bagging at the seat in dresses, skirts and trousers

• Makes it much easier to slip clothing on and off

• Finally, it provides a neat inside finish and conceals interfacing, padding, the raw edges of seams, and other construction details.

We stock two types of dress lining fabric:

We have a  lovely quality 100% polyester anti–static dress lining.  This comes in a range of colours to suit your dress-making project.  Because of its anti-static properties, it prevents your handmade garments from riding up as you walk or move.  This fabric lining is smooth to the touch, soft, pliable, and lightweight – therefore it will not interfere in any way with the hang of the garment fabric. It sews easily and doesn’t stretch.

We also stock a basic, cheaper 100% acetate dress-lining  in brown, which is also anti-static.

We recommend washing these fabrics at 40 degrees Celsius.