Bamboo Jersey Fabric

A new range of lovely bamboo jersey colours will be arriving in the 2nd week of August.


What is Bamboo Jersey?

Bamboo jersey fabric is  eco-friendly and responsibly sourced. The bamboo plant grows quickly without using pesticides, excessive water or care. Bamboo regenerates quickly and even cleans the air while it grows. The bamboo fibres are made by manipulating the grass until it separates into thin threads, these are then spun in to thread for weaving or knitting fabrics.

Bamboo jersey is anti-bacterial and also odour-resistant and it is a great choice for people with sensitive skin, especially problems with eczema or allergies. The elastane ensures comfortability, durability and gives the fabric a four-way-stretch but still allows the fabric to hold its shape. The bamboo jersey is absorbent and breathable which makes it cool to wear.

What Can I Sew With Bamboo Jersey?

Bamboo jersey is ideal for sewing simple dresses, blouses, skirts and tunics, t-shirts, tanks, leggings. It is also great for childrenswear, sportswear, casual- and loungewear

How Do I Care For Bamboo Jersey Fabric?

Bamboo jersey washes beautifully, the dyes are colourfast and because it is a natural fabric, it dries quickly. We recommend washing your bamboo jersey before starting your project, machine wash at 30 degrees. Press carefully on a low temperature iron setting with steam from the wrong side.