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January Sale up to 40% off Free Postage over £60
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Bio Linen

What is Bio Linen Fabric?

Bio Linen is linen that has been washed with bio enzymes (rather than chemicals).  Because of this, it feels softer than normal linen.  It is a lovely natural fabric which is environmentally friendly.

What can I make with this fabric?

The fibres of this fabric readily conduct away body heat.  Because of this, it makes lovely lightweight, summer clothing, such as dresses, tops, shirts, blouses, tunics and skirts.

How do I care for this fabric?

Wash before cutting and sewing, in case of shrinkage.  Wash at 40 degrees Celsius.  Tumble dry on a low temperature and remove from the dryer when still slightly damp.  Hang or lie flat to finish off the drying process.  Iron with a hot iron. Damp or steam iron to remove stubborn wrinkles and creases.

Why is Linen Eco Friendly?

Linen yarn is derived from the flax plant. The flax plant can grow in poor-quality soil and requires minimal water or pesticides – hence its reputation as an eco-friendly fabric. The long fibres from inside the plant stem are extracted, using moisture (water or chemical) to rot away the bark, and are then spun into yarn.

For every order placed one tree will be planted and carbon is offset