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Bamboo Fabric – Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

Bamboo fabrics are  eco-friendly, sustainable and responsibly sourced. The bamboo plant grows quickly without using pesticides, excessive water or care. Bamboo regenerates quickly and even cleans the air while it grows. The bamboo fibres are made by manipulating the grass until it separates into thin threads, these are then spun in to thread for weaving or knitting fabrics.

Bamboo fabrics have anti-bacterial properties and are therefore odour-resistant.  It is a great choice for people with sensitive skin, especially problems with eczema or allergies.  They are also absorbent and breathable which makes them cool to wear.

More About Bamboo

Bamboo is the largest member of the grass family, growing up to 35m tall. They are the fastest growing woody plants in the world. This fast growth rate and the fact that bamboo can grow in a range of different climates makes the bamboo plant a sustainable and versatile resource. The bamboo species used for clothing is called Moso bamboo.