Tencel Fabric

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Tencel Fabric – Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

What is Tencel?

Tencel fabric is made from lyocell.  Lyocell is derived from natural materials such as wood pulp (typically from renewable eucalyptus trees) or bamboo.

Why is Tencel Eco-Friendly?

The fabric is produced through a closed loop process to minimise toxic waste. Tencel requires less energy and water to produce than cotton, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric choice.  One producer called Lenzing AG is now using renewable energy sources to minimise their environmental impact.

Is Tencel Cooler Than Cotton?

Yes, Tencel is made of extremely small fibres which are hydrophilic – meaning “water loving.” For this reason it is very effective at absorbing moisture away from skin.  It is 50% more absorbent than your average cotton fabric which makes it ideal for activewear!

Other Benefits of Tencel

Tencel fabric is pretty easy to care for – it washes well and is generally less wrinkly than cotton.  It is also fairly durable and unlikely to thin significantly over time.

It also tends to be softer than cotton and is a good choice for wearing against sensitive skin.