A strong natural fibre that is absorbent and thermally conductive, making it perfect for lightweight, airy summer clothing. Linen is generally suitable for summer clothes, tablecloths and cushions.

With it’s natural crispness when ironed damp, thus does not require starching, and has a natural lustre. It becomes softer and more lustrous with use and laundering, so that a fine, long used piece of linen may have almost the feel and appearance of silk

It is also regarded as a “cool” fibre, for the fibres will readily conduct away body heat, if the air temperature is lower than body temperature. This is further enhanced by the smoothness of flax fabrics which allow maximum contact with the skin. Because flax is such a good conductor of heat it may be ironed with a hot iron. Damp or steam ironing assists greatly in ironing out stubborn wrinkles and creases.

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