Rayon Viscose also known as Rayon Challis or simply as Rayon is soft to the touch and drapes beautifully. It is lightweight so you will find this fabric is widely used for clothing such as dresses, skirts, trousers and tops.

It is a man-made woven fabric comprised of natural fibres.

Softer than Cotton Voile or Lawn, Rayon has a silky feel with a matt finish making it feel luxurious.

The term Challis refers to the soft characteristic of the material, and it’s barely brushed surface texture.

When sewing with Rayon take these hints from Tilly and the Buttons

“Because the fabric layers will slide around, use more pins than you usually would to keep the seams together. Try to avoid positioning the pinheads over the fabric though, as they can distort the fabric.

As well as using pins, it can be helpful to tack or baste some seams – as well as darts, pleats etc – before sewing them for real, just to check they go together accurately. And when it comes to sewing them for real, take your time, have some soothing whale song playing, and you’ll be just fine.