Closet Core Patterns

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Closet Case Patterns – Chic Sewing Patterns
Heather Lou is the founder of Closet Case Patterns and was formerly an interior designer.  Heather once set herself a challenge – for one year the only new things that would enter her closet would be made with her own two hands. She started with a vintage dress and soon worked her way up to the more complicated garments. She found that she could then tailor-make clothing to fit her body, instead of expecting it to fit into an arbitrary mould created by the fashion industry. Soon she realised that her part-time passion had outgrown her full-time profession. Additionally, she recognised a need for chic sewing patterns with clear instructions for the modern woman.  This prompted her to launch Closet Case Patterns as a full time business.

These patterns break down the dress-making process step-by-step in plain English.  Furthermore, Heather creates timeless, fashionable patterns that can be customized, personalized, and hacked with your own vision and unique touch.
Dragonfly Fabrics stock a varied range of Closet Case Sewing Patterns.  These include dresses, kaftans, trousers, overalls, shirts, coats, jeans, t-shirts, pyjamas, anoraks and even bodysuits!