Rayon Challis – Free sewing pattern with step by step video

Fabric Type:   Rayon

Rayon Challis is a man made woven fabric comprised of natural fibres. The cellulose fibres are usually made from wool pulp; because of this the fabric is known as semi-synthetic. Rayonalso known as Viscose Rayon, is soft to the touch and drapes beautifully, it is lightweight so you will find this fabric is used for clothing such as dresses, skirts, trousers and tops. Softer than Voile or Lawn, Rayon has a silky feel to it with at matt finish making it feel luxurious.


Joel Dewberry Rayon




Our Project  :

We have made a skater/circle skirt with the Rayon challis, this is an Amy Butler design named peacock feathers in sea grass. Rayon is perfect for this type of pattern because the rayon falls beautifully and creates folds of silky soft fabric that flow from the waist. You will need to pre-wash the rayon regardless of what pattern you are using, this will prevent shrinking. Wash your rayon garments on a cool wash and hang to dry. The rayon can be ironed on a low to medium heat with steam.

Circle skirt in Rayon



Our Pattern   :

The circle skirt is made from one of our own patterns, it is quick and simple to make. It isn’t as easy to sew as some fabrics because it is silky it moves a little. We would advise to try the circle skirt on and let it hang overnight before pinning and sewing the hem. You will also need sharp scissors and a new sewing machine needle. Make sure you’re prepared and watch our video tutorial on our website for a step by step guide for making the skirt, links below:

Please click on this link for our FREE circle skirt tutorial


Alternative Fabrics & Patterns:

If you want to make this circle or skater skirt with an alternative fabric why not try some of our dress cottons, if you want to use a medium weight fabric this would look smart in a linen or stretch crepe. Because this skirt pattern can be made from many different fabric types it is suitable for all seasons, just wear it with tights or leggings in the colder weather. We have also made this skirt in our new leatherette fabrics, this gives a completely different look to the rayon skirt. The leatherette creates structure, making this pattern more A-line and suitable for a pair of heels!

We have included an alternative sewing pattern below;



The simple version 3 of Colette’s Aster blouse would be suitable in rayon. The rayon drapes beautifully, the sleeves float in soft waves.


rayonColette’s Laurel dress, a simple shift dress, perfect for rayon fabrics.

rayonSew Liberated, Brynna dress with it’s cute sailor collar.

rayonSew Caroline’s Picnic skirt, a floaty skirt with a high waist. 


Sewaholic – Tofino lounge pants and shorts cosy pyjamas and for lounging…

We hope you like our new skirt tutorial, and that we have inspired you to sew with Rayon.

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